Quick and Easy Vegetarian Recipes In Pictures Revealed: Good Food Recipes, Tips & Ideas

5 Years from Today...

Everyone will be talking about the Patricia Cookbook I'm Using for My Private Clients Right Now.

It happens in every walk of life in any business. The latest, most innovative recipe technology always replaces what was all the rage yesterday.

Blu-ray replaced regular DVDs, which replaced VHS tapes... Smartphone's replaced mobile phones, which replaced POT (public office telephone) land lines... iPads replaced notepad/laptops, which replaced desktop PC (personal computers).

It's the taste curve of recipe technology. What's better today replaces what was great yesterday. And recipes follow that curve. If you get ahead of the curve you enjoy tasty treats. If you're behind, you lose.

The same thing happens online. What's hot today will be old news tomorrow. Probably won't even taste very well. It's happening right now with good food show. What worked 5 years ago in good food guide no longer works today?

Your favourite recipes with all of the flavour need updating to new recipes and cooking tips. And that's why most people are in a "Good Food Show Crisis". Everywhere you go it's like everybody are on a cooking show. Some people can cook some can't. Period!

You see, every day thousands more restaurant businesses start using the Internet... without much choice all fighting for the same local customers. And they're all using the same old, tired, "out-of-date" tactics ogre recipe.

So demand for good recipes is soaring but the supply doesn't change. This drives the price of quality recipe books higher... and higher...

Making it almost impossible for small restaurant owners with limited budgets to compete... And it's not getting cheaper or easier with any passing day.

The only way to beat this is to use the newest, most innovative recipe strategies - which your competitors haven't heard of yet. For example, few people know that...

There are still some places where you can buy quality recipes book for pennies...

The ultimate family vegetarian cookbook from Patricia Cookbook.

New Book Series coming soon! - "Quick and Easy Vegetarian Recipes In Pictures Revealed"

Some good new news today, I have a brand new book series for vegetarian recipes coming out earlier in the year. Read more below.

Series Title: Quick and Easy Vegetarian Recipes In Pictures Revealed:

Book Title: How to Cook the Ultimate Vegetarian Breakfast

Book Title: How to Cook the Ultimate Vegetarian Starters

Book Title: How to Cook the Ultimate Vegetarian Lunch

Book Title: How to Cook the Ultimate Vegetarian Dinner

Book Title: How to Cook the Ultimate Vegetarian Appetizers (SUPER Snacks and Drinks)

Book Title: How to Cook the Ultimate Vegetarian Desserts (Cakes and Biscuits)

Book Title: How to Cook the Ultimate Vegetarian Chilli, Soups and Stews

Book Title: The Ultimate A-Z of Vegetables and Vegetarian

Book Title: All 8 Vegetarian Master Collections Books

These vegetarian recipes collection books have been specifically designed with the working woman in mind.

Today, more than ever, your time, your budget and your ingenuity are stretched to the limit, so take advantage of the quality information on each book recipes - we tell you how long it takes and how better to balance your diet.

There are recipes in these books to suit every occasion and every taste - cook them with confidence, and enjoy the admiration of family and friends.

Visit Amazon.com and/or Amazon.co.uk's Patricia Cookbook Page and shop for all Patricia Cookbook books and other Patricia Cookbook related products (DVD, CDs, Apparel, coming soon!) on home cooking made easy pictures and community discussions about Patricia Cookbook.

Cookbook - a book of recipes and cooking directions.

Patricia Cookbook is a leading patisserie chef (not be shy about highlighting her achievements) and owns her own successful London bakery. Patricia also writes as a ghost-writer for many prominent food publications.

Her first prime time cookery series, Quick and Easy Vegetarian Recipes in Pictures Revealed, hopefully, will be a huge hit to attracting millions of web readers and loyal fans.

Like most famous TV chef, Patricia trained at the world famous Leith School of Food and Wine, where she earned a Leith's Diploma.

She went on to complete a five years part-time sandwich degree foundation in International Culinary Arts in Pastry and then did stages at some of the most renowned kitchens of the world, including Gilgamesh, the Wellesley, Peruse and the Mandarin Oriental.

Patricia went on to works for some local bakery shops, working 18 hour days for someone else wasn't easy for Patricia, a busy working mother, which led her to start her own business making smoothes and celebration cakes.

She would love an opportunity to create her own television series on Recipe Collection and Cookery Course books for busy Working Woman who want to make delicious, imaginative, fresh food without too much fuss and hassle.

Life can be less than easy at times so it is always good to know you have a solid crew of people helping you along the way.

There have been many ups and downs in the writing of this book and through it all, I have been lucky enough to have been supported along the way by a whole bevy of fabulous, inspiring and clever people.

A topics, from vegetarian breakfast, starters, lunch, dinner, appetizers (snacks and drinks), desserts (cakes and biscuits), vegetarian chilli to the soups and stews is not easy to research and write.

I love nothing more than collecting recipes, testing them and sharing them with people - well, actually, eating the delicious results does give me a bit more pleasure.

Usually, I am like a mad food scientist in the kitchen lab; conducting culinary experiment using everyday ingredients and putting a magic spin on some familiar traditional recipes.

I have also drawn an inspiration from my travels to African countries (e.g. Ghana, Nigeria, Morocco, Senegal, South Africa, etc.), so be ready for a few surprises on African food recipes or Asian recipes.

For me, cooking can provide a pure escapism into the world of flavours, zests, glazes and textures.

Occasionally, this inspires me to reinvent recipes drawn from childhood memories, such as my Fried Cheese Recipe, which reminds me of my mother used to put in my school lunchbox.

It's important to me that I used ingredients that require a trip to a local food market | grocery store | market | foodstuff | Tesco grocery shopping, and to include recipes that even the most inexperienced or reluctant cook person can have a go at.

Even the members of the family cooking Pubs team have successfully cooked some of the recipes in this book.

I hope that there's something for everybody here. Whether you like an old fashioned English muffin, there is something you will like.

In my books you will find recipes for vegetarian breakfast, starters, lunch, dinner, appetizers (snacks and drinks), desserts (cakes and biscuits), vegetarian chilli, soups and stews when you feel like making that extra effort and quick and easy main meals for lunch or dinner that can cook slow or be rustled up super fast.

If you're a near-vegetarian or meat-eater or fancy a meat-free day, there are also some ideas for new slants on serving up your favourite veg.

Not forgetting the starters and sweets stuff; desserts such as my Chocolate supreme that I could eat all by myself in one sitting, and a few of my favourite little extras - Banana custard pudding, sweets and other fine stuff.

Cooking at home, whether for family and friends or just for yourself, is one of life's great pleasures, and hopefully with these recipes I can show you that it can be relaxed, quick and easy, too.

These books are smashing good mix of everyday favourites and modern recipes, sound technique and clever shortcuts. Whether you're new to home cooking or already a practitioner, it has plenty to offer. Patricia Cookbook is full of quick and easy recipe ideas.

Mother of four children (2 Boys and 2 Girls), Patricia Cookbook is the new quick and easy vegetarian recipes heroine whose doable and dazzling recipes bring a fresh, fuss-free take to microwave/stove and screen.

Quality vegetarian recipes are back and as a qualified chef with years of experience in some of the country's hottest restaurants, Patricia knows just how to create modern, delicious and inspiring vegetarian recipes.

Here you'll find 100's mouth watering recipes for every kind of home cooking goody - including smoothes, breads, cakes, salads, tarts, pies and much much more.

Like Jamie's Great Britain cook book by Jamie Oliver or Nigella Express by Nigella Lawson or Lorraine Pascale, author of the phenomenal bestseller baking made easy and home cooking made easy cook book, or River Cottage Veg Every Day! (River Cottage Every Day) by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall,

Patricia draws on her training to reveal all her top recipes and collection shortcuts, nutritional advice, confessions and cook tips on how to create wonderful tasting food that will inspire both seasoned cooks and novices.

These books are packed with simple and delicious recipes for relaxed home cooking that go far beyond only vegetarian or vegan recipes.

Whether for time crunch suppers, dinner parties for your closest friends laid back tea parties or lazy breakfasts for your loved one, there are recipes and collections for every occasion.

You'll find new twists on old favourites, that Patricia Cookbook's books are a breath of fresh air to the world of cookery.

10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Recipes and Collection Cooking Books

1 Cooking Time: Every recipe is timed so that you can tell in advance how long it will take. We have also included a work plan with each recipe, broken down into preparation time, cooking time and finishing time.

2 Cooking Cost: Every recipe DO NOT carries a cost symbol. However, it could be group as:
  • Under budget: recipes on a shoestring
  • On budget: recipes that won't break the bank
  • Over budget: but worth it!
3 Nutritional Advice and Calorie Counts: Nowadays, people are becoming more and more aware that a well balanced diet is the key to staying in good physical shape.

We have, therefore, included nutritional information and calorie counts with each recipe, so whether you are on a calorie controlled diet or just enjoy a good food meal, we help you get the most from your food.

4 Ingredients: Weights and measures are given in both metric and imperial so you can follow whichever system you prefer.

However, follow one of the other as the two are not necessarily compatible. Spoon measurements should always be level.

5 Microwave Oven Cooking: Microwave ovens are common feature of the modern kitchen, so, where appropriate, microwave cooking instructions are given, allowing you to dramatically reduce the cooking time of even the most complex dish.

6 Vegetarian Cooking Tips: All the recipes carry a helpful hint or two from our test cook.

7 Cooking Variations: You will find that many recipes are, in fact, several dishes in one, featuring not only the main dish but also tempting variations.

8 Serving Dishes: Not really covered but Unless otherwise stated all dishes usually will be serve four.

9 A-Z of Vegetables: Not sure how to cook a Beetroot? Looking for a way to perk up potatoes? This comprehensive book will help you understand more of the most mundane vegetables.

10 Kitchen Know-How: As we all know, successful recipe cooking is not simply a case of following recipes.

It is important to think about the kitchen equipment and technology, storing and preserving, basic cooking techniques, menu planning, entertaining and much, much more.

A simple meal is one of the most complicated things to prepare. For me, simplicity is the key to good cooking. Simple, fresh ingredients of the best quality you can afford, lovingly prepared.

Some of the best cooks I know produce only hal-a-dozen dishes, but they cook them so well that it is always a pleasure to be invited to their table.

Neither do your dishes have to be grand. Frankly, I would prefer a cauliflower cheese with a smooth, creamy sauce and hunks of fresh bread and butter, or a good fresh tomato juice any day, to a more ambitious dish that was ill conceived and fell short of its promise.

This doesn't, of course, mean that you shouldn't be prepared to experiment with new ideas. So you will find in this book recipes for both simple everyday dishes and more exotic feasts. Which ever you choose, enjoy them!

10 Tips For Food Safety

ONE  Take Chilled and Frozen Food Home Quickly - Then put it in your fridge or freezer at once.

TWO   Prepare and Store Raw and Cooked Food Separately - Keep raw meat and fish at your fridge.

THREE   Keep the Coldest Part of Your Fridge at 0-5C - Get a fridge thermometer.

FOUR   Check Use-by Dates - Use food within the recommended period.

FIVE   Keep Pets Away From Food - And dishes and worktops.

SIX   Wash Hands Thoroughly - Before preparing food, after going to the toilet or after handling pets.

SEVEN   Keep Your Kitchen Clean - Wash worktops and utensils between handling food which is to be cooked and food which is not.

EIGHT   Do Not Eat Food Containing Uncooked Eggs - Keep eggs in the fridge.

NINE   Cook Food Well - Follow the instructions on the pack. If you reheat make sure it is piping hot.

TEN   Keep Hot Foods Hot and Cold Foods Cold - Don't just leave them standing around.

The food we eat is one of the keys to good health. We rightly expect that the food on our plates shouldn't make us ill.

But the risk of bacteria in food must be taken seriously. Germs are not selective in who they make ill.

Raw Food Recipes vs Cooked Food

Raw food enthusiasts have always been a part of the vegetarian/vegan scene. Their core idea is that enzymes are still active in raw food whereas they're denatured, hence inactive, in cooked food. No contest.

Next question: So what?

Cooking is a form of predigestion in which heat is used to hydrolyze nutrients which would otherwise be hydrolyzed at body temperature by digestive enzymes. The end result is the same.

Raw foods are not healthiest because they're "live food" or because of "life force", "living enzymes", "nerve energy", or "chi";

But because the foods that can be eaten raw (mostly vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds) coincidentally have enormously higher nutrient values than the foods that either have to be, or usually are, cooked.


Patricia Cookbook website is all about healthy eating. And by eating a good balance of food, taking regular exercise and not smoking, you can give yourself the best chance of living a fit and healthy life.

Healthy eating can help to prevent not only heart trouble but many other illnesses too - constipation, obesity, bowel trouble and tooth decay to name just a few.

We have an enormous range of foods and cooking, quick and easy recipes methods to choose from. This Patricia Cookbook has lots of tips for improving what you eat now.

And it gives ideas about how you can benefit from different styles of cooking too. Don't be put off by the number of books, tips in this websites.

You don't have to follow them all. Just choose the ones that you find easiest, affordable and practical. Try one or two to start with, and then introduce others gradually over a period of time.
  • Cut down on fat, sugar and salt.
  • Eat more fibre-rich foods.
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Go easy on alcohol.
  • Get plenty of variety in what you eat.
If you follow this guide to healthy eating, you will be getting all the health-giving protein, vitamins and minerals you need.

The Government used to tell us to eat more meat, eggs, milk and cheese. And to lose weight you had to eat less bread and potatoes.

Now it's "Eat more bread and potatoes and don't eat so much meat and fatty foods". Why have they changed their minds?

For two reasons firstly, we now know a lot more about the harmful effects of eating too much fat, especially saturated fat, and about the benefits of the fibre we get in starchy foods like bread and potatoes.

Secondly, because we have changed. We're eating less now than we were 30 years ago, mainly because we don't do as much manual work and we're not as physically active.

And the balance in our food has changed too. We are eating about the same amount of fats but much less of the starchy carbohydrates like bread.

In fact we're only eating about half as much bread as we did 30 years ago. So the balance between fat and starchy food in our diet has gone wrong.

I don't believe what I read in the newspapers. They say "Fatty foods" will give you a heart attack". But my grandmother is 86 and he is always eaten load of fatty foods.

You are right not to believe those newspapers. Food experts have never said that fatty foods will give you a heart attaches.

Their message is that if you eat a lot of fatty food you're much more likely to get heart disease. But the experts' message sometimes gets distorted because newspapers want to make their stories more interesting and more dramatic.


For many people there are short term advantages to healthy eating. Do you suffer from any of these complaints?

You will probably find that by eating more fibre-rich foods you'll get rid of your constipation completely.

Hemorrhoids (Piles) or Diverticulitis
If you suffer from either of these, you will find that eating more fibre can ease a lot of the pain and irritation.

Pain or Arthritis in your Ankles or Knees or
Shortness of Breath

Check your weight; if you are overweight, you might find that getting down to a normal weight helps to improve all these problems.

If you are having an ankles or knees pain, you could try this for at least one week. Take one Apple and a Pint of milk and make apple milk smoother. Drink it, and repeat for seven days.

High Blood Pressure (HBP)
If you are overweight, getting down to a normal weight can be a great help in controlling blood pressure. Cutting down on salt might also help.

Heart Trouble
It's never too late to improve your diet. Heart diease progresses slowly and you can slow down or even stop its progress by a combinationof healthy eating, regular exercise and no smoking.

Tooth Decay
You can stop the rot by cutting back on the number of times you eat sugary foods. If you catch the decay in time, before the outside enamel has been eaten through, your teeth will actually be able to start rebuilding themselves.